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Lane County, Oregon Feb 27, 2017


High Street Terrace, an apartment buildingLane County is characterized by a supportive sense of community. An attractive housing market, affordable cost of living, and excellent professional services attract people from across the country.

Housing is plentiful, with a broad and reasonable rental base. Housing costs are lower in Lane County than in many other areas. And residents enjoy more recreational, social, and cultural amenities.

Lane County's location in the western agricultural belt and along major West Coast trade routes means essential food items are reasonably priced year-round.

Power is generated regionally from abundant resources, keeping residential electric rates among the lowest in the country.

The metropolitan area is well patrolled by local and state law enforcement agencies. The crime rate is below the national average, especially in crimes against people. This rate is possible not only because of an excellent police force, but also because of numerous active neighborhood associations. Local fire departments offer a high degree of professional, well-organized and cooperative fire protection and emergency medical services.

An efficient mass transit system streamlines the commuting process to prevent urban congestion. Lane Transit District serves the metropolitan area, and a "Bus Rapid Transit" system will soon be operational between Eugene and Springfield.

Eugene/Springfield Area Housing

1,600-square-foot homes sell in the price range of $140,000-$175,000.
Average rent for a 3-bedroom home is $750-$1,100/month.
Average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment is $575-$760/month.

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