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Lane County, Oregon Feb 27, 2017

Elementary/Secondary Education

University of Oregon John E Jaqua Law LibraryThe Lane County metro area has three public school districts and a number of parochial private schools. Local students and faculty frequently receive honors for their quality of education. Some of these honors include: Meyer Memorial Trust Grant awards for teachers' innovative and successful programs; several Oregon Scholars (representing the top ten percent of students in the State of Oregon) and many National Merit Scholarship finalists. Students at Eugene School District 4J and Springfield School District 19 score above the state average on the SAT.

The Education Reform Act standards of the 1990s have given the state a quality of education among the highest in the nation in 2000; and state standards are projected to be the highest in the world by 2010. The critical concepts of the bill include: non-graded primary; certificate of initial mastery; certificate of advanced mastery; middle level, alternative learning environments; school choice; integration of social services; employment of minors; extended day/year and school-to-work transition.

Eugene School District 4J

Eugene School District 4J has 33 elementary schools, eight middle schools, and five high schools. All middle schools and eight elementary schools are community schools and are open to the public for classes and recreation.

District 4J students have received many statewide and national awards. Student achievements include achieving mean scores in the upper 70th percentile nationally on all grade levels and subjects; and sending 54% of 4J graduates on to college or other post-graduate education.

Students in School District 4J find many alternatives to traditional public education at numerous alternative schools. Programs offered include French, Spanish, and Japanese bilingual education (grades K-5), arts education (grades K-6), computer technology (grades 6-8), and International High School. These programs are part of the public school system.

Springfield School District #19

Springfield School District consists of 16 elementary schools, five middle schools and two senior high schools and an alternative learning center. The district's curriculum recognizes the learner as an individual and is built around state performance standards and the Oregon Schools for the 21st Century Act, a statewide school improvement effort. Business partnerships are very important to Springfield schools; many programs are linked to local businesses, with students enjoying mentorship and internship opportunities.

Bethel School District #52

Bethel School District serves more than 4,000 students in northwest Eugene and the surrounding area in its five elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. The District's Department of Special Services provides assistance to students with special, emotional, or physical needs. A talented and gifted students program promotes the best possible education for students according to their individual abilities and talents.

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