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Lane County, Oregon Feb 27, 2017

Cultural Ties

Eugene Public LibraryLane County is an area of friendly communities that welcome and encourage people of all cultures. Many business, cultural and educational relationships are formed daily within the metropolitan area. The City of Eugene proudly nourishes its cultural ties with four Sister Cities. The earliest formalized friendship was with Chinju, Korea in 1961. In 1975 a relationship was forged with Katmandu, Nepal and in 1979, a connection with Kakegawa, Japan. Irkutsk, Russia became the fourth Sister City in 1988. Lane County also shares Sister County relationships with counties in Germany and in China.

Great strides have been taken to continue the trend to develop cultural ties through business, government, celebrations and education. Lane County schools of all levels foster respect and understanding among cultures through education and example.

International High School

An International High School (IHS) is best described as a "school within a school," with campuses at the public Sheldon, South Eugene, and Churchill high schools. Students specialize in at least one foreign language (Spanish, Japanese, or French) while studying the broad perspective of the histories and cultures of other nations. IHS includes world geography and history, global literature, comparative world values, comparative political and economic systems, global health, and art.

International Education and Exchange

The University of Oregon currently enrolls approximately 1,500 international students from 80 countries and sponsors a variety of overseas study programs in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. The Office of International Exchange offers academic and personal counseling, helps students adjust to life in this country, and coordinates the Friendship Family Program that introduces international students to local families. Students and faculty members can study, teach, or conduct research abroad by participating in an exchange or study-abroad program.

American English Institute

The American English Institute provides an intensive program in English-as-a-Second Language. Core courses, including Grammar and Writing, Reading, Conversation, and Listening Comprehension, are offered at six levels of proficiency. The Institute provides student advising and cost-free tutoring which can include pronunciation work. Advanced students may take a limited number of regular University classes at no additional cost under the supervision of the Academic Advisor.

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